Convert an HDF5 file to a SPEC .dat file


add_to_specfile(spec_filename, specdata, outdirs)

param str spec_filename:

convert_h5(raw_filename[, outprefix, ...])

param str raw_filename:

full path of the Nexus file

create_spec_header(filename[, start_time])

param str filename:

get_scan_names(filename[, title])

Get the subscan names for all scans in the Nexus file

get_start_time(filename, scan)

param str filename:

min_npts_ctrs(group, ctrs)

Smallest number of points of a group of datasets.

read_ctrs(group, ctrs, npts)

Read datasets

read_fscan_data(raw_filename, subscan1, subscan2)

param str raw_filename:

read_position(grp, key, fmt[, modif])

Read a motor position from grp[key], return "-999" when missing.

saved_scan_numbers(filename, outdirs)

Scans saved in the SPEC file.


Read dataset as a string