ewoksid22 0.1

ewoksid22 provides data processing workflows for ID22.

ewoksid22 has been developed by the Software group of the European Synchrotron.

Getting started

Install the project

python3 -m pip install multianalyzer@git+https://github.com/kif/multianalyzer.git@main
python3 -m pip install ewoksid22

The following command line scripts are installed:

  • id22sumepy: python wrapper for id22sume and id22sumalle

  • id22sume: fortran program

  • id22sumalle: fortran program

  • zingit: awk program

Execute a workflow that converts HDF5 stscan data to SPEC format

ewoks execute examples/convert.json \
    -p convert:filename=/path/to/data.h5

The workflow definition looks like this

"nodes": [
    "task_type": "class",
    "task_identifier": "ewoksid22.convert.ID22H5ToSpec",
    "default_inputs": [
            "name": "outdirs",
            "value": {
                "primary": "pyresults/dat1",
                "secondary": "pyresults/dat2"
            "name": "outprefix",
            "value": "ewokstest"
    "id": "convert"

For usage BLISS see the blissoda project.